Roofing at your home

Roofing at your home

July 22, 2019 0 By Jose White

Roofing at your home

Roofing is an essential part of a building. From old age to modern era roofing is developed too much. Nowadays we can build our roof or plan our roof according to our budget and geographical climate condition.

Roofing material varies from RCC, Tin, Plastic, Metal, Tiles roof, wood, mud, grass, and lief, the stack also. It depends on our budget directly. If we want to build a secure heavy-duty roof then our choice will be RCC and metal roof this two type roof is costlier than other types.

if we want to build an eco-friendly roof then our choice will be mud roof, leaf, and stack. is the best option in our hand.

Tin roof & plastic roof and tile roof is cheaper cost than a metal roof and RCC roof, but costlier than eco-friendly roofs such as mud roof and leaf stack roof.

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Basically in modern age we prefer RCC roof and metal roof and tin roof because  it requires less maintenance, Rcc roof is more durable than other and it is used in multi-story building where the load capacity of soil is good, and metal roofing is useful where load capacity of soil is less so to avoid load-bearing on soil.

Maintenance Of Your Roof

Maintenance of your roof is very essential part of your home, if we maintain our house roof very carefully then it last so many decades.

 In rainy areas where the waterfall is more the sloop of the roof is higher or greater to avoid any stag of water on roof, and to clean properly to avoid to germinate fungus or rainy plant on the roof. 

In snowfall areas the roof is required more durable which can bear the heavy load that is a load of snow otherwise the roof will collapse down and it will damage our home badly. In snowfall areas, the sloping of the roof also keys factor because of snow.

In desert area where the rainfall is too low and the temperature is too high there you need to install a roof which can absorb the tremendous heat of sun and keep us very comfortable condition inside the room in this areas roof height must be higher or greater than any other part of our planet to keep this heat out from our home.

A New Roof Is Exciting

And other geographical condition is a cyclone, Typhoon, Hurricane, etc.. in this area the roof design must be according to wind direction and wind velocity greater the velocity the sloping of roof is minimum and strength also requires very good.

All this and many more points to be in mind to build a suitable and sustainable a roof for the requirement.

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