Waterproof your roof

Waterproof your roof

July 22, 2019 0 By Jose White

Waterproof your roof

Every Person Have a dream to own dream home for this they plan their home according to their budget. Some people can afford luxury bungalow some not but for a home most essential part of a home is Roof. And to protect this roof also essential for us spatially from water or we can say from rain, Only we can say is there any anime lies in the world for the roof is water or rain, in rainy areas we need to more conscious to protect roof respect to other areas.

Water roofing can be done in many ways in modern eras such as for RCC building paint plastering and other materials also. The cheapest way to water roofing of RCC is plastering. 

For plaster water Roofing first we need to clean the surface/terrace very carefully and repair the damage portion by mortar and leave it for curing. After curing place a thin plastic mad above of the roof/terrace very carefully and remove any air bubble between the plastic and a roof.

Then poor mortar above the plastic and spread evenly above the roof and polish upper surface very carefully make it smooth so that water can slip and do not stag on roof after satisfying this leave it for curing for several days for curing and cure it properly so that the plaster does not have any cracks from where water can damage roof.

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RRC Roof Water Proofing

Another way to RCC water roof is paint. For this first we clean the surface of roof carefully and clean properly and wash it with water and conform no unwanted material remain on roof keep it for dry and apply primer after two code of primer apply single code just 90 degree o posit to primer code and leave it to dry after the first code ensure the paint dry completely then second code apply just 90 Deg to the first code of paint and leave it for dry and this is your water roofing by paint.

So many other ways also available in market some are costlier Eco friendlier but basically, these two types are used by the maximum percentage of people.

For tin type roofing the water roofing required because water may damage tin when paint exosted  by weather change hot and cold when metal exposed then water roofing required to protect the roof from water. There are so many options available in market but all over the world basically the simple this technique follows 1. painting  2. Rubber shed 3. Raisin etc

Painting is a common and cheapest way to protect roof from water. First ensure to remove unwanted partical or clean upper surface of roof and repair if damage then apply a coat of primer or two then apply one or two coat of paint.

For rubber shed need to fix above the roof by pin and apply water resistance martial above the pin it can be done by skillful worker for good result and last raisin it is good but it is most costly among them.

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